Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management

What we gain by maintaining our physical assets diligently is Uptime – the capacity to product and provide goods and services. The higher the quality and service we can deliver for a given cost and response time, the more value the customer perceives.

UPTIME refers to a model for excellence in Maintenance Management from the book of the same name. It applies to any organization managing maintenance and physical assets crucial to delivery of product or services. You depend on those assets for productivity and revenue generation. You want to maintain them at the lowest cost to sustain their performance. These courses describe the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness as they pertain to your physical assets, the UPTIME model, the benefits it delivers to your business and important considerations that are essential to implementing it successfully. Our short course is aimed at executives and decisions makers. The longer versions enable us to go into more detail and entertain far more discussion as we get close to the ranks of those who must make the changes happen.


Understand how maintenance can boost productivity, enhance safety and environmental performance at lower costs to achieve enhanced profitability.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn where you could be losing capacity – discover your “hidden plant”
  • Learn where maintenance cost reductions will come from and how to increase maintainer productivity – a key factor when technician skills are in short supply
  • Learn how efficiency and effectiveness are both achieved in Maintenance
  • Learn about reliability, availability and how to achieve them
  • See how sweating the assets actually increases your costs and reduces profit
  • Understand the need for enhanced communication and collaboration among departments (maintenance, operations, supply chain, human resources, finance)
  • Understand how maintenance is a crucial but not the only part of asset management
  • Understand the enablers to performance gains and how to harness them
  • Understand the roles of technology, how it can help without drowning you in data

Duration and Who Should Attend

UPTIME isn’t just for maintainers. For best results involve your production / operations, supply chain (particularly stores and procurement), human resources, information management and finance people.

Duration Who? Why?
½ day Executives and decision makers Understand the business case
1 day Departmental managers Understand what must happen
3 day Maintainers, operations, stores and purchasing Understand what and how



  • Certificate of completion will be provided by Conscious Reliability


Courses cover the same topics with different emphasis. As time increases, we increase the discussion of customer specific problems. In our 3 day course we add several “runs” using our UPTIME Simulation Game to give attendees memorable experience and exposure to good practices.

  • Asset Management
    • What it is and how it matters
  • Maintenance Management
    • What it is and how it fits within Asset Management
  • The business case for good Maintenance Management
    • Finding and exploiting your hidden value generator
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Achieving high output at lower costs
    • Doing the right things the right way at the right time
  • The UPTIME Model of Excellence
    • Leadership
      • Strategy
      • People and teams
    • Essentials
      • Work management
      • Materials management
      • Basic care
      • Performance management
      • Information systems
    • Choosing Excellence
      • Asset reliability
      • Evidence based asset management
      • Continuous improvement
    • Implementing UPTIME
      • Enablers
      • Approach – how to and who to involve