The Benefits of Partnership

Conscious Reliability® brings together the collective wisdom and experience of two respected thought leaders and their organizations.

We’ve learned from our experience in both Latin American and North American markets, operating in and running similar networks has taught us what works and what doesn’t. We share values of integrity and honesty, always working for the betterment of our clients – and they know it.

By becoming a Partner or Licensee, you will be offering products developed by the authors of the background materials. We guarantee that the training we offer is at an Elite level.

Conscious Reliability® applies our knowledge and experience for your benefit.

Demonstrating Integrity, Commitment and Professionalism

Conscious Reliability® seeks association with individuals who are known and respected in their field as well as promising junior talent. All must be dedicated to client service, enhancing the RCM-R®, Uptime and Asset Management field. They must be continuously improving their own knowledge and ability through continuing education, sharing of their expertise in blogs or other media, and demonstrating commitment to their own professional growth.  We are committed to our Partner Licensees with the goal of fostering long term learning and growth success.


Join Us

Conscious Reliability® provides packaged knowledge and experience based courses in a practical program to help customers improve asset reliability and maintenance management practices via training and related services to its customers through a combination of Training Partners, Consultants and Certified Instructor Licensees.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of becoming a Partner and how it will enhance your business and training goals.

Training Partners sell the Conscious Reliability® training programs.  They are companies responsible for selling and arranging logistics for the courses in their defined markets.  Generally, a Training Partner Licensee will be a specialist in arranging training and bringing it to market.

Conscious Reliability® has created various sales 'packages' from which our Partners can choose to sell.  There are three (3) different packages of training programs and products: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Contact us today to inquire about the programs included in each package.


RCM-R® Consultants and Certified Instructors teach our courses and deliver project support services. They are instructors (often consultants) who are responsible for delivery of training and related projects.

As an RCM-R® Consultant has the advantage of being certified to instruct the training program and sell the training services within a territory.  Contact Conscious Reliability® for details.

As a Certified Instructor, you are free to work with any sales Partner/Licensee in any territory. Any limits on that are strictly between licensees and at their discretion. In some cases, companies may have both sales and technical delivery licenses.