Conscious Reliability provides asset-intensive industries with high quality,

insightful training, and advice.

We do this by providing experience, expertise and continuous learning which can be applied to a broad spectrum of industry situations and contexts.

Training You Can Use. It is Worth It!


Reseller Training Partner

Conscious Reliability® provides knowledge and experience-based training programs in a practical approach to help your clients improve asset reliability and maintenance management practices through a global network of Reseller Licensee Partners, Certified Consultants and Instructors.

By becoming a Reseller Licensee, you will be offering products developed by the authors of the background materials. We guarantee the training is at an Elite level – stat of the art, thorough and practical. Reseller Licensee companies  sell training services.

Conscious Reliability embraces our alliances where we can complement each other’s services and add value to your training reputation and sales productivity. We also embrace potential Reseller Licensees that are new to the market yet demonstrate energetic sales and marketing capabilities.


Benefits of being a Partner

Conscious Reliability® provides asset management professionals with one of the highest quality training products in the reliability maintenance and asset management market. Our user-friendly products allows consultants, trainers, and clients to implement the knowledge effectively in their markets. Conscious Reliability will provide you with: • Thought Leadership – Renowned and Respected • Committed to staying current and collaborative • We work with you - not as a competitor • 24/7/365 online transactions and CR relationship support • Global alliance of Resellers, Trainers and Consultants • Certifications remain competent and current • Brand recognition, high value/in demand products • Integrated and broad-based marketing strategy

RCM-R Consultants and Certified Instructors

Conscious Reliability® brings together the collective wisdom and experience of two respected thought leaders and their organizations. We provide RCM-R Consultants and Certified Instructors one of the highest quality training products in the market. We do this by packaging our expertise in a user-friendly product that makes it easy to deliver the training programs.

Conscious Reliability® seeks associations with individuals who are known and respected in their field as well as promising junior talent. We will work with our RCM-R Consultants and Certified Instructors with the goal of fostering long term learning and growth success.


Instructors and Consultants Worldwide

Conscious Reliability® will work with our alliances to promote and deliver long term learning and growth success. You will improve your own knowledge and ability through continuing education, sharing expertise in blogs and other media, and demonstrating commitment to your professional growth. Become a Reseller, Principal Consultant or Certified Instructor and help hundreds of companies around the globe by offering products developed with expertise and experience.  RCM methods that work! They are worth it!


Become a Partner

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