RCM-R® Master

This level is reserved for RCM-R® “thought leaders” who have demonstrated their mastery of RCM through practice and perfection and their own expertise in teaching and implementing RCM ...

RCM-R® Equivalency

Conscious Reliability recognizes “advanced standing” of candidates who have prior training and experience in other SAE JA-1011/1012 compliant RCM...

orange belt

Analyst Certification

RCM-R® Orange Belt

  • Analysts can be customer staff members or Certified Instructor or RCM-R® Consultant Partner Licensees.
  • 3 day RCM-R® basic course.
  • Written Exam
  • Project experience (these can be pilot projects facilitated by CR technical licensees or by in-house certified facilitators).
  • At least 2 projects are needed to gain an analyst certification as an "Orange Belt".

Facilitator Certification

RCM-R® Brown Belt

  • Facilitators can be customer staff members or RCM-R® Consulting Partner Licensees
  • Facilitators are NOT instructors, they may however carry out and lead RCM-R® projects.
  • Candidate must be a Blue belt or deemed equivalent (see below).
  • 2 day RCM-R® facilitator course and Exam.
  • Minimum 2 RCM-R® projects with a mentor (about 10 days).
  • One solo RCM-R® project to be reviewed by the CR mentor.
  • Once approved, the mentor recommend candidate as a “Brown Belt” certification.
39-198-BlackBelt (2)

Instructor Certification

RCM-R® Black Belt

  • Candidate must be a Blue belt or deemed equivalent (see below).
  • Black Belt Instructor training comprising:
    • All requirements fulfilled for all in-class Instruction
    • Exams applicable to Belt certifications
    • Complete 10 Projects
    • Instructor 'Preparedness Class' and Exam as led by an RCM-R® Master
    • Written test – ½ day.
  • Once the Master is satisfied, then the candidate is certified as an RCM-R® "Black Belt".

Guarantee of Certification

Instructors of all Conscious Reliability® courses must be certified as competent to teach as well as licensed to deliver the courses using Conscious Reliability® materials and methods. The path to certification will vary from product to product. Generally, the individual will progress from one level to another as they receive instruction and gain experience.

Experience must be demonstrated through execution of work relevant to the certification. For purposes of maintaining our credibility, we want instructors who we know can deliver what they are teaching.

Our courses are intended for practical application, not merely for academic interest.

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