Conscious Reliability Training Partners

Training Partners specialize in promoting and bringing the Conscious Reliability Training Program to the global market.

By becoming a Partner Licensee, you will be offering products developed by the authors of the background materials. We guarantee the training is at an Elite level - stat of the art, thorough and practical. Training Partner Licensees are companies that sell training services. Conscious Reliability embraces Training Partner Licensees where we can complement each other's services and add value to their training reputation and sales productivity.
We also embrace potential Training Partner Licensees that are new to the market yet demonstrate energetic sales and marketing capabilities.

Training Partners sell the Conscious Reliability® training programs. They are companies responsible for selling and arranging logistics for the courses in their defined markets. Generally, a Training Partner Licensee will be a specialist in arranging training and bringing it to market. Conscious Reliability® has created various sales 'packages' from which our Partners can choose to sell. There are three (3) different packages of training programs and products: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Contact us today to inquire about the programs included in each package.