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Introduction to Reliability Optimization Tools, online – English class

April 13, 2021 1:00 pm April 16, 2021 4:00 pm EDT

Developing a maintenance management strategy aligned with institutional objectives and based on the evaluation and mitigation of risks requires the orderly use of a series of tools that are often underused and poorly understood. What kind of maintenance strategy do we have today? How is
our daily life in the maintenance department? Optimal maintenance management consists of highly synchronized strategic, tactical and operational aspects that support the business objectives most efectively. Reliability is a key element in achieving excellence in maintenance management and keeping it at optimum levels guarantees the success of the organization in all aspects. If most of our man-hours and financial resources are devoted to emergency maintenance and machines dictate our daily schedule, likely, production targets will sometimes be missed or inefectively achieved. Likewise, if the proactive work that is done consists largely of replacements and repairs based on operating or calendar time recommended by the manufacturers of our machinery, you will notice that the maintenance costs exceed what is budgeted and the need for somehow
optimizing maintenance management.

In the class we will present tools to improve the results and competitiveness of your company by optimizing the performance of your assets and processes. We will see the importance of Risk-Based Asset Criticality Analysis to prioritize maintenance efforts. We will study the RCM-R®
process as a vital tool for creating suitable maintenance plans to ensure that we do what is necessary for assets to continue to successfully do what operations need of them in their operational context. We will explain how the FRCA-R® tool is used to find and eradicate the root causes of critical failure events that affect business productivity. Also, we will review how to use the RAM indicators so that we can correctly implant, measure and interpret them and how statistical failure analysis or Weibull Analysis can be useful to understand the predominant failure patterns that are presented to us.

Finally, we will review the important role of Condition Monitoring in the maintenance strategy.


1- To know the Scope of the RB-ACA, RCM-R®, FRCA-R® Techniques, RAM Indicators, Weibull Analysis and Condition Monitoring.
     – When should each tool be used
2- To understand the Requirements for the Proper use of Each Tool
   – Information Needed for Analysis
   – Level of Training
   – Work Teams
3- To understand how they are positioned within a Maintenance and  Reliability Management Improvement Plan
4- To review the Benefits of Each of the Techniques
5- To learn from Case Studies


April 13 – 1:00 pm EDT
April 16 – 4:00 pm EDT
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Conscious Reliability