Certified RCM-R® Instructors

Jesus Sifonte

RCM-R and UPTIME Certified

Jesus, P.Eng, is a published author and thought leader in RCM and other technical methods. He is certified as an RCM-R Master along with his UPTIME certification. He has a broad knowledge of Asset Management and is an expert in REAM. Jesus is fluent in Spanish and English. He is a published author, skilled trainer, course developer and sought-after conference leader. He has delivered programs and keynote addresses to companies and audiences throughout Latin America, Europe and North America.

James Reyes-Picknell

RCM-R, UPTIME and Asset Management Certified

James is a P.Eng and author with two books to his credit along with many handbooks and framework methodologies. He is an RCM-R Master. He is the founder of the UPTIME program. He is a pioneer and thought leader in Asset Management methods, keynote speaker, high level corporate facilitator and course developer. James has worked engagements at both the operational and enterprise level around the globe with over 40 years experience.

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