Conscious Reliability®'s specialized training Conscious Reliabilityprograms focus on developing professionals in reliability and physical asset management.

Our Approach

Our Approach

The time is ripe for a new perspective and tool for reliability, more closely aligned with today's thinking on Asset management, more effective in a harsh business climate, leveraging today's technological advancements and accommodating the shifting demographics in our dynamic workforce that is actually getting younger.

It is time for RCM to be re-engineered.  By blending experience and experimenting, we've developed methods that contributes to safety, environmental integrity, risk reduction and profitable industrial capability for years to come.

Conscious Reliability is employing experience, expertise and excellence by helping your organization on that journey of excellence we know as Asset Management enabled and enhanced by RCM-R®.

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Conscious Reliability® provides packaged knowledge and experience-based courses in a practical program to help customers improve asset reliability, maintenance and asset management practices through Training Partners and certified Consultant Partner licensees.  We would like to work with you.  Contact us today to become a Partner.