RCM-R® Course

Practical Optimization of the RCM Process

RCM-R® addresses those weaknesses and aligns decision making about risks and data interchange with ISO standards. RCM-R® is designed for today’s rigorous demands for technical precision and management accountability.

Training Goal
Understand RCM-R®, how it meets today’s demands for rigor and precision and know how to carry out an RCM-R® analysis to achieve results.

Learning Objectives
• Learn the basic RCM method that complies with SAE JA-1011 and 1012.
• Learn the enhancements that align it with standards for risk management and data exchange while ensuring the best evidence based decisions are used wherever possible.
• Learn how the process works beyond the analysis part of the effort. Discover how the project becomes an ongoing sustainable program.
• Understand how failures manifest in physical assets.
• Understand how to detect and deal with those failures before they become problematic to your business.
• Learn how minimal failure data is used to help make good decisions – you don’t need a lot of data, you need to know how to use what you do have.
• Understand the various condition monitoring technologies and how they work so you can determine which are best for the failures you are seeking to avoid.
• At advanced levels, learn how to facilitate RCM-R® analyses, how to lead your RCM-R® initiatives and projects and how to sustain the benefits you will gain.
• At even more advanced levels learn how to teach RCM-R®.
• Together with experiential requirements, gain certification as an RCM-R® Analyst (yellow belt), Facilitator (blue belt) or Instructor (black belt).

Duration and Who Should Attend
RCM-R® isn’t just for maintainers or engineers. Working alone, either individually or within a single “department” you cannot gain the benefits that RCM-R® has to offer. For best results you will need to involve your production / operations, supply chain (particularly stores and procurement), human resources, information management and finance people as well.

Duration Who? Why?
½ day Executives and decision makers Understand the business case
1 day Departmental managers Understand what must happen
3 day (basic) Maintainers, operations, stores and purchasing – RCM-R® analysts Understand what and how to carry out basic analysis
3.5 day (advanced) Advanced analysts (together with experience and passing test, earns Yellow belt*) Understand the deeper analytical methods for rigorous analysis
2 day (Facilitator) Yellow belts who are moving into facilitator role (together with experience, earns Blue belt*) Understand how to lead analyses, projects and sustaining efforts.
* View the 'Certification' section for a complete description of Yellow, Blue and Black Belt requirements

• Certificate of completion will be provided by Conscious Reliability

Contact Conscious Reliability® for a detailed course agenda.


Upcoming Events

  1. RCM-R® Advanced – Querétaro, Mexico

    October 23 - October 26
  2. RCM-R® Basic (Orange Belt Certification Class) – Juarez, Mx

    October 30 - November 3
  3. RCM-R Basic Course, Toronto ON Canada

    October 31 - November 2
  4. RMC – 2017

    November 9 - November 10
  5. RMC Congress 2017 Santo Domingo, Domican Republic

    November 9 - November 10

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